Isnin, 19 Oktober 2015

Au Naturel

I am in the beginning of my "hard core" diet. Despite being busy and not exercising, I had made conclusion that what I ate during last few months was the reason behind my low stamina.

I moved in to my own new house and so excited of having quiet comprehensive kitchen that I'll do the cooking like mak-mak. You know, like rice, lauk-pauk, sayur cooked with coconut milk and sambal.

So, last weekend, I had made a plan to eat clean and natural. The target is only for a month, but hopefully, I can continue afterward. For now, I want to regain my energy back.

I think this is the first time in my life, that I want to go through a DIET not solely for beauty and weight loss. So the objective of this new diet is not to lose weight, or getting flawless skin, but to eat as natural as possible. I will try my best to minimize cooking and processed food. That means, the cooking method will be either boil or steam. I will consider grilling or baking if I have more time. As for the food, I'll go with the one with 0% GST. Get it? Unprocessed one, except for the bread.

I was quiet skeptical at first, since I don't know how my taste buds will react to this "fresh" food. But interesting enough, I like them. Maybe it's been too long that my body depriving those nutrients that once I ate it, I instantly feel energetic. I am still sleepy and lazy but at least when I want to do something, I'll just do it.

Hopefully, by the end of this session, I'll be healthier and happier.

Selasa, 13 Oktober 2015

Sweet 28

Yesterday was my birthday, and I wasn't celebrating. I was in the middle of important job to setup programs for LIVE operations. The best meal I had yesterday was just Subway sandwich I had to gobble up before resuming my work. Luckily, so far, till now, there's no complaint.

I don't know why lately I always feel lazy. Like seriously, I have no motivation to do work. It's not that I'm having issues or unsolvable things in the office, but I always long for relaxation time at home, on the bed. Gah!

Is it because of the age? I am getting older, yes. That's it. I guess that's why.

There are so many changes I want to do but to resign job is not one of it currently. I've been assigned one crucial project with one important client. Do I need to worry? I suppose to, but like I said, I am too lazy to worry. Now I am worried of myself.

Usually, when I have a tendency to worry on something, I'll prepare everything and work on it successfully. But now, I really just want to rolling on the bed and get some looooong sleep. I don't know though. What is wrong with me. Is it depression?

And I am getting forgetful too. I always forgot what I bought and end up buying similar things again. Worst, I lost them waayy before I can use them. And end up buying again. Why???????

And just now during meeting, one of the system I developed with love, sweat and blood was unusable due to poor user's cooperation. Not my fault. The design was particularly from my client and the system were distributed among their vendors. Now vendor pleaded not to use it. We got the money and my boss is not less happy but I was the programmer, I do feel wasted. My love, sweat and blood is wasted.

Hopefully, I'll get bonus. I want to pay down my loan. And by end of 20's, I really do hope I'll get some financial freedom. Not totally, but at least, I can take days off without having to think about money and financial commitment.

Selasa, 1 September 2015

Turpentine is sucks!

Last Merdeka holiday, as I planned to paint my living room, I made a visit to local hardware shop in my hometown. Since most of the things becoming more expensive nowadays, I rather drive all the way back to Sekinchan from Shah Alam (RM12 to petrol for back-and-forth) and bought all the painting supply there.

I was instantly RM550 poorer.

I planned to paint my living room taking inspiration of this.
Yes. Since I am so 'Melayu' in heart, I changed the black wall to very dark chocolate color to simulate wooden old Malay house ambient. :p Other than that, everything was going to be white; like brilliant white for walls and ceiling, and pearl white for doors and trims. Takut tak dapat cari pintu kononnya. Poyo sangat!

So for the door parts, it took up much preparation, because of the paint nature. Metal and wood paint is so difficult to wash. It cannot be washed off such as brick paints. Aside from taping and laying down newspaper, I was going to do the painting last, and going to throw away all the brushes, container, everything in contact with the paint. Additionally, I bought thinner as solvent. I didn't plan to do any thinning for the paint itself. The paint will be used straight from the can. This was to minimize the contact with the paint. The thinner is to strip off any mistakes or to remove paint from the skin if kena. Sure kena punya. Gittew!

But then, the uncle at the hardware store; the father to the tokey, being so cute and helpful, ask me to use turpertine instead. I really had never use it. But he said, turpertine has mild odour compare to thinner. It is oil based so it is not as sharp compare to thinner. So I bought one, together with thinner. Because he was so nice and cute.

Of course during painting, as I was taking up lunch break, I took the turpertine to soak the brushes to prevent it to harden. MY GOD! It smelled so terrible I almost throw up immediately once my nose catch it. It was so so bad it took few days to go away! Luckily I only use once. Other than that, I used thinner. Personally, I prefer thinner. It has this strong alcohol synthetic smell but it goes away pretty quickly. It stripped paint better and doesn't leave any feeling/residue afterward. But turpertine, oily! Aiyoooo.

However, the painting job was done sucessfully with my housemates help. But I hesitate to put up the picture here yet as I really need to do some decor. Few wall arts, and seriously new sofa. Looking forward!

Oh, I installed the pendant lamp on my own. Sweat and tears but worth it. I caused both toilet and bedroom lights goes off in the process but successfully fixed it. I was so scared as I am not knowledgeable enough in electrical wiring. I know simple wiring L-N-G rules, but the wiring nature in my house is a bit, hmm... different. But thank God, working in a discipline that encourage try and error, I slow slow do it. Nasib boleh!

GST kicked off. Everything become expensive. DIY. Effort pays off. Get knowledgable.

Rabu, 26 Ogos 2015

Tempat Lepak

Bila aku free2 time takde keje or tgh pending client confirmation, aku suka buka Quora. Aku terlalu suka lepak sana sampai aku buka banyak akaun, entah sebab apa. Tapi last2 aku commit nak lepak sana aku delete tinggal satu je. Berjinak2 since 2013 and commit since 2014.

Aku bukan nak promo Quora kat sini. Tapi bagi aku, elok la kalau orang2 Malaysia ni singgah Quora dari duk berfacebook. Facebook ni penuh sangat dengan fitnah. Dengan perkongsian yang tak mendatangkan faedah. While Quora adalah jawapan2 intellectual bagi soalan2 yang kadang2 sangat bodoh. Kat mana dalam dunia ni kita nak dengar wisdom orang2 terdahulu? Atau pengalaman harian orang2 Gaza. Atau nak dengar pengalaman cinta unmarried retired Hollywood actor masa zaman golden age dulu. Kat Quora la. Even nak baca perspective banduan atau seorang psycopath pun tak mustahil kat Quora. Saintis, engineer, astronauts, semua ada. Dan semua tak lokek kongsi pengalaman hidup dan jawapan2 terhadap soalan yang ditanya. Diantara rich and famous yang aktif kat Quora adalah Jimmy Wales (founder Wikipedia), bini Elon Musk (Tesla), Obama, even kakak Mark Zuckerberg pun ada x silap. Kalau Bill Gates ada, aku dengan senang hati akan follow.

Cool giler kot. Hans Zimmer jawab soalan sendiri. Kenal Hans Zimmer? Dia composer terkenal kat Hollywood. Titanic punya soundtrack, dia la yang bikin. Seronok sebenarnya bila baca cara orang2 hebat ni bekerja. Sebenarnya, diorang pun macam kita. Tapi kerja lagi kuat la.

Tapi yang aku paling suka kat Quora ni adalah jawapan2 camni:

check out Quora tau.

Selasa, 18 Ogos 2015


Aku takde benda penting nak cerita. Sekarang, pukul 5.43 pm, jap lagi pukul 5.45 pm. Office hour tamat. Aku dah menggigil lapar since pukul 3 tadi. Dibuatnya, semua bekalan makanan dan kudapan aku dah habis. Gula2 pun tarak.

Aku pulak tak keluar lunch tadi sebab malas. Aku biasa camtu. Aku lebih suka berfoya2 online sambil minum Milo dari keluar berjalan dalam panas tu nak beli makanan.

Aku dah tak tenang tapi nasib lah program semua dah siap, tinggal run testing sikit2.


Ribut petir pulak tiba2. Parking dah la jauh. Aku cukup cuak kalau nak meredah hujan2 camni.

Pastu pulak, aku dah janji dgn Poi nak kuar dinner kat luar. Klo x, boleh aku terus balik makan. Ni nak kena masuk kawasan apartment, tunggu Poi turun, drive g kedai makan, order, pastu baru dapat makan.

huk huk huk (ni bunyi menangis)

Dah pukul 5.50, hujan masih ganas. Persoalan utama, bila aku boleh memulakan gerak tempur aku ke kereta ni?

Rabu, 17 Jun 2015

Rumah Baru

Alhamdulillah. Aku berjaya beli sebuah rumah. Walaupun kecik, lama, tinggi, kena naik tangga takde lif, aku tetap bersyukur. Rumah tu aku beli dengan hasil titik peluh sendiri. Berkat doa mak dan usaha yang tak putus2.

Banyak yang aku belajar dari pengalaman beli rumah ni. Aku takmo kongsi cara2 nak beli rumah. Sebab ramai yang dah kongsi. Aku pun sebelum beli, baca banyak blog dan artikel pasal pengalaman beli rumah orang lain.

Rumah yang aku beli tu adalah serviced apartment berdekatan dengan tempat kerja sekarang. TTDI Jaya memang hot dari segi location. Titik pertemuan semua highway2 besar dan kawasan hot spot kediaman bagi budak2 uni sekitar situ. Tak banyak rumah yang dibina dekat2 situ dalam area "harga berpatutan". Melainkan bangunan yang awal2 dibina masa kawasan tu nak naik. Adalah dua tiga bangunan apartment yang dalam rate "murah". Tu pun tak lah murah sangat.

Dijadikan cerita, satu Jumaat yang barakah di bulan Januari 2015, masa tengah2 mood azam tahun baru katanyerrr, aku nampak satu iklan rumah ni kat Aku pun terus call Cina tu. Dia tuan rumah. Tak pakai agent. Pastu kami arrange nak tengok rumah on Sunday. Itulah, cina tu, memang antara orang paling baik aku pernah jumpa. Impression ni kekal hingga ke saat ni. Masa mula2 tengok rumah, aku dah jatuh cinta kat rumah tu. Rumah tu agak buruk, tapi takdelah rosak apa sangat. Mr W, terangkan kat aku kerosakan2 kecil and ada la sikit2 apa yang kurang. Rumah tu basic tapi functional. Dan lepas deep research dari tahun 2010, aku rasa harga yang dia tawarkan sebenarnya agak tak masuk akal, sebab murah sangat dari yang selalu aku nampak kat iklan. Selidik punya selidik, Mr W tgh desperate nak pakai cash. Disebabkan rumah tu dah ada direct title, freehold, non-bumi, dia bajet rumah tu paling senang nak jual. Dia kalau boleh, tak nak jual sebab sekarang pun dah ada orang sewa. Aku bagitahu dia, aku first timer. Aku tak pandai. Takut nanti melambatkan proses ke apa. Mr W janji akan ajar aku. Ok, aku confirm jadi beli.

Memang, sepanjang proses Mr W memang banyak tolong aku. Aku yang tak tahu apa2 ni, dengar je la dia cakap apa. Tapi aku research gak. Pastu aku rasa memang Mr W ni genuinely baik sebab decision on lawyer, bank, semua dia suruh aku yang cari. Dia tak recommend mana2. Aku kan, sebab tak tahu apa2, aku suruh bank carikan lawyer. Nasib la lawyer tu bagus. Kerja cepat. Nasibbbb. Mr W pun pakai lawyer aku untuk lepaskan gadaian dia. Yang lain dia tak pakai lawyer, dia baca dokumen sendiri. Hmm... adakah beliau seorang lawyer? Sampai sekarang aku tak tau dia kerja apa. Yang pasti dia tak buat business, selalu out-of-office and sangat banyak asset property.

So, Jumaat yang barakah minggu lepas, urusan rumah dikira settle. Aku pun dah masuk rumah tu. Seminggu sebelum end of May tu, Mr W dah bagi kunci utk aku repair apa yang patut. Rumah bersih, tapi banyak rosak, cam plug elektrik and paip air tu. Seribu gak upah orang betulkan. Beli peti ais, furniture semua, last2 nak cat duit dah habis. InshaAllah next month lepas raya la cat.

Tapi bukan semuanya manis2 belaka. Masa nak repair rumah tu, aku perasan rumah tu ada pepijat. Aku pun first time tengok, sebab budak rumah aku histeria kot nampak benda tu. Dah la hisap darah. Seminggu gak la aku tak boleh fokus kat tempat kerja memikirkan cara2 nak membanteras binatang syaitan tu. Alhamdulillah, under control. Aku beli one powder ni online dan tabur satu rumah. Buat pendinding, aku tengok banyak mati.

Pastu aku beli perabot ni dekat satu kedai murah gila kat Seksyen 7. Tapi bersilat weyh nak tunggu dia hantar. Banyak betul dalihnya. Lepas 10 hari, malam tadi dia hantar perabih semua. Katil + tilam + kitchen kabinet = RM760. Harga kampung sangat, tapi servis urban - lambat!

Ni pun aku dah duduk rumah tu baru perasan, kat DB Box tu setiap kali pasang seterika, keluar percikan api. Terkejut bang hang. Nasib la malam tadi plug bilik aku rosak. Aku google la. Cam senang je nak buat sendiri. Tapi kena off suis utama dulu. Kiranya aku nak check la kan, mana suis utama tu, free2 nanti aku nak try buat sendiri. Kebetulan aku tgh iron baju, dah alang2 dekat dengan suis utama, aku panjat la kerusi nak check. Sekali dengar bunyi berdesir. Aku nervous dah ni, buka penutup box tu pelan2 sekali mak ai! Nampak bunga api. Terkejut weyh. Ni aku dah call technician yang betulkan rumah dulu tu. Petang ni dia baru check.

Nasib la rumah murah. Aku survey2 unit yang sama kat sini, dalam 3 bulan je, naik 20 ribu harga dia. Dulu tu kiranya masa Mr W jual dah kurang 40K dari market, klo sekarang, kira aku jimat 60K. Takpelah pelan2 perbaik. Harap2 semua okay. Tak sabar nak bersuka2.

Ahad, 15 Mac 2015

Sudah pertengahan bulan 3. Rasa sekejap jer. Lagi2 bila sibuk mengejar deadline project.

Project sangat banyak. Kalau ikut plan, semua mesti settle before 1st April. Before GST berkuatkuasa.

Company aku adalah antara company yang sangat gembira menyambut GST. Siap ada countdown kat website company. Dah macam nak sambut new year.

Boss aku pun dah semakin galak menakutkan customer2 yang delay buat payment.

"Any bill paid after 31st March is GST applied."

Kami jadi mangsa kena siapkan semuanya. Sebab customer kejar kami. Pergh.

Tapi dari sudut yang lain. Aku happy jugak. Sebab project besar2 dah start masuk. Management happy. Kami pun happy.

Cuma yang kureng sket... aku kena lompat2 project. Ting tong kepala aku. Project sendiri nak kena handle, project member nak kena tolong. T_T. Member aku lately ni macam x focus. Frust bercinta kot. Kerja delay, coding buggy. Bila deploy itu error, ni error. Bila tanya, blur. Harapnya cepatlah dia sembuh. Payah. Programmer kalau dah otak dia berserabut, coding pun sure serabut.

Selain kerja, aku ada project lain. Sampingan. Personal.

Yang tu pun boleh tahan gak, ada la masa2nya buat aku tak lena jugak. Kerisauan. Tapi sekarang dah dalam fasa post-climax, so... ok lah. Harap2 semua berjalan lancar. Project apa? Biarlah rahsia.

Ah, x sabar nak cerita.

Sabtu, 3 Januari 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Well well well...


Life feels like it is not as interesting as it used to be.

Hope is not as high as it was.

And I am not as happy as I thought I would...

But it's okay.

May I find a star bright enough to chase away the dark shadow and lead the way.

And above all, may Allah bless me with love and guidance.