Selasa, 1 September 2015

Turpentine is sucks!

Last Merdeka holiday, as I planned to paint my living room, I made a visit to local hardware shop in my hometown. Since most of the things becoming more expensive nowadays, I rather drive all the way back to Sekinchan from Shah Alam (RM12 to petrol for back-and-forth) and bought all the painting supply there.

I was instantly RM550 poorer.

I planned to paint my living room taking inspiration of this.
Yes. Since I am so 'Melayu' in heart, I changed the black wall to very dark chocolate color to simulate wooden old Malay house ambient. :p Other than that, everything was going to be white; like brilliant white for walls and ceiling, and pearl white for doors and trims. Takut tak dapat cari pintu kononnya. Poyo sangat!

So for the door parts, it took up much preparation, because of the paint nature. Metal and wood paint is so difficult to wash. It cannot be washed off such as brick paints. Aside from taping and laying down newspaper, I was going to do the painting last, and going to throw away all the brushes, container, everything in contact with the paint. Additionally, I bought thinner as solvent. I didn't plan to do any thinning for the paint itself. The paint will be used straight from the can. This was to minimize the contact with the paint. The thinner is to strip off any mistakes or to remove paint from the skin if kena. Sure kena punya. Gittew!

But then, the uncle at the hardware store; the father to the tokey, being so cute and helpful, ask me to use turpertine instead. I really had never use it. But he said, turpertine has mild odour compare to thinner. It is oil based so it is not as sharp compare to thinner. So I bought one, together with thinner. Because he was so nice and cute.

Of course during painting, as I was taking up lunch break, I took the turpertine to soak the brushes to prevent it to harden. MY GOD! It smelled so terrible I almost throw up immediately once my nose catch it. It was so so bad it took few days to go away! Luckily I only use once. Other than that, I used thinner. Personally, I prefer thinner. It has this strong alcohol synthetic smell but it goes away pretty quickly. It stripped paint better and doesn't leave any feeling/residue afterward. But turpertine, oily! Aiyoooo.

However, the painting job was done sucessfully with my housemates help. But I hesitate to put up the picture here yet as I really need to do some decor. Few wall arts, and seriously new sofa. Looking forward!

Oh, I installed the pendant lamp on my own. Sweat and tears but worth it. I caused both toilet and bedroom lights goes off in the process but successfully fixed it. I was so scared as I am not knowledgeable enough in electrical wiring. I know simple wiring L-N-G rules, but the wiring nature in my house is a bit, hmm... different. But thank God, working in a discipline that encourage try and error, I slow slow do it. Nasib boleh!

GST kicked off. Everything become expensive. DIY. Effort pays off. Get knowledgable.